In an effort to help individual projects receive TwoToo scarves to distribute directly via their own projects we have created PREFERENCE CODES so that you can select the project that you would like to benefit from your TwoToo purchase.

Each project will be given a PREFERENCE CODE that you can enter into the relevant box in the Shopping Basket stage of your purchase. If you don't enter a PREFERENCE CODE we will distribute the scarves equally between the projects that we support.

The projects may well choose to take a money donation instead of a scarf which may be more appropriate for their project. If this is the case it will be indicated within their specific description.

Individual projects can use the PREFERENCE CODES within their own promotions to help encourage purchases that will directly benefit them.



Shilhay Community ExeterShilhay Community have been working in Exeter since 1967 to support people who are homeless and vulnerably housed. The charity has a successful track-record in the provision of local services in Exeter such as basic survival provision (food, warmth, shelter, healthcare), emergency night-shelter and direct access accommodation, meaningful activity, and community resettlement.

Throughout the last four decades Shilhay Community has supported many hundreds of people who have found themselves homeless for a wide variety of reasons to assist them to re-establish their independence and self-sufficiency within their local community.

In recent years, as societal changes and family breakdowns have brought street homelessness to the forefront of the media, Shilhay Community continues to play a key role in promoting and actioning local initiatives to crucially support people in getting off the streets and into better living conditions. 

Shilhay Community:

If you would like to support Shilhay please enter SHILEX into the PREFERENCE CODE box on the Checkout page when ordering.


Sleep Safe Campaign (PREFERENCE CODE: SSC)

ThSleepSafe logoere are many different circumstances that can lead to someone being homeless: job loss; relationship breakups; mental health issues; escaping abuse or domestic violence, the reasons can be as varied as the people who find themselves in need of help.

BCHA's St Paul's night shelter, 'Sleep Safe', in Bournemouth helps homeless people by providing them with a bed and a hot meal for the night; taking them out of the danger that street sleeping poses to their personal safety and to their emotional and physical health. St Paul's also offers people support to deal with the issues that led to them becoming homeless, to help these vulnerable people move forward with their lives. Each year on average, St Paul's provides 500 individual people a safe place to sleep and the vital assistance to take back control of their lives. Over 50% of these people are successfully supported to move on to suitable and safe accommodation.

BCHA are a specialist housing and social care support provider, offering a wide range of help to people in vulnerable circumstances and to professionals trying to equip those in need. Bournemouth-based, BCHA work across a wide geographical area (including Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Wiltshire, Reading and Oxford).


Initially SleepSafe will receive scarves to give out to the homeless people that they serve. If enough scarves are sold with their PREFERENCE CODE (SSC) then they may receive a cash donation instead of a scarf.



Michael HouseBased in Bournemouth, Dorset, Michael House's Mission is:

• To provide emergency and longer-term accommodation to Homeless people, and provide related day services.

• To provide encouragement, advice and support to our clients in an environment which enables them to gain a greater sense of self worth, and to move towards a more independent life.

• To work in a co-operative and a collaborative way with the relevant Statutory Agencies, and with other voluntary organisations.

The aims of the house are:

• Preventing homelessness by early intervention • Rebuilding lives • Promoting opportunities for independent living • Provision of accommodation, meals and amenities • 24 hour support • Friendly family environment • Security/Counselling/Activities • Education/Training/Life skills

"If it wasn't for these people I would be dead. They have fed and clothed me and now I sleep in a bed." J.M.

Michael House:

Initially Michael House will receive scarves to give out to the homeless people that they serve. If enough scarves are sold with their PREFERENCE CODE (MH) then they may receive a cash donation instead of a scarf.


Routes to Roots (PREFERENCE CODE: R2R) 

Routes to Roots

Every evening 15 people, on average, go to the Drop-Ins run by Routes to Roots and the Soup-Runs organised by the churches in Poole for food and drink. The numbers can be as high as 30 and there are some individuals in need who go throughout the week for their food and sometimes clothing and toiletries. Since 2003, with the support of the Poole Drug Action Team, R2R has employed an Outreach Worker to provide continuity work with rough sleepers between drop-in sessions. However, despite the charity’s best efforts, there are people sleeping rough in Poole even in the exceptionally cold and harsh winters of the last two years.

Founded on Christian principles, and registered as a charity in 2002, Routes to Roots seeks to help all homeless people in Poole regardless of their faith. They hold drop-in sessions to provide immediate social and spiritual support as well as the basic necessities for life: food, clothing, a place to wash and a place to rest. They help to house rough sleepers and follow up to identify what each person needs to move forward and to maintain their housing and independent living.

Routes to Roots:

Initially Routes to Roots will receive scarves to give out to the homeless people that they serve. If enough scarves are sold with their PREFERENCE CODE (R2R) then they may receive a cash donation instead of a scarf.


Guildford HOST (Homeless Outreach Support Team) (PREFERENCE CODE: HOST)

If you would like to support the Guildford HOST team, enter the Preference Code 'HOST' in the appropriate area when you checkout of the shop.